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Super-food Strawberry Breakfast Bowl

Super-food Strawberry Breakfast Bowl - Jody C

It’s Friday Food FEAST!!!!! This is currently my favourite breakfast at the moment, not just because it tastes like heaven, but because it is so power packed with amazing nutrition! It transforms you from the inside out! My Super-food Strawberry Breakfast Bowl is packed with fiber, antioxidants AND it has a low GI index. This means it helps regulate the blood sugar levels and helps keeping you feeling fuller for longer! 

Super-food Strawberry Breakfast Bowl - Jody C

Here is the recipe….

  • Soak 1/4 cup raw whole oats & 2 tbsp chia seeds in 3/4 cup water overnight (i.e. make it the night before). I sprinkle a little bit of Moringa powder on top as well. Not too much as it is quite strong in flavour.

  • Mix up 4 heaped tsp of Raw Vegan Protein Powder with a little soy milk (or almond/coconut milk) & 1/2 tsp honey (or agave nectar). Make it into a nice creamy, mousse-like texture.

  • I make my own protein powder mix. I buy my individual ingredients from Synerchi Organics or I buy their pre-blended pack which is their HAPPY HEARTS. The ingredients I use is 500g Hemp protein, 200g cocoa, 200g Macca & 200g Lacuma. Chuck these 4 ingredients together, mix it up and BOOM you have your very own super-food protein powder mix.

  • Pour your protein mousse over your soaked oats/chia. Chop up about 5 huge strawberries (it is summer here, they are in season) and throw that over.

    And there you have it….your SUPER-FOOD STRAWBERRY BREAKFAST BOWL!!!! If strawberries are not in season, use another fruit like mango or melon or grapes etc.

So easy and with so many benefits! Start incorporating more real and powerful foods into your diet and your body will start changing from the inside out!!

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