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Welcome to my world of mouth-watering, delicious &  body transforming foods that will help you get into the best shape of your life!

My aim is to set women free from restrictive eating, obsessive calorie calculating and dangerous dieting.

I wasted nearly 10 years of my life depriving my body from important nutrition, counting calories, hating the food I ate & damaging my body with excessive amounts animal protein & “diet” food.

I don’t want you to have to go through the same. Trust me, a beautiful body can be achieve while enjoying a diet that is abundant in flavour, colour & satisfaction!

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If you are wanting to embrace a plant based vegan life & achieve the body of your dreams, you are in the right place!

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WHY choose this way of living?

Food has been placed on this earth to heal our bodies not harm them, and in order to heal we need to eliminate all harm that is placed on & in our food. This includes toxins,  poisons & physical abuse to ourselves & those of animals.

Food is a blessing NOT a curse.

It is here to nourish us, NOT punish us.

And it is meant to be eaten with love, care & enjoyment, not guilt, harm & dread!

You CAN get into the best shape of your life, while actually enjoying the food you eat.

You CAN drop the excess weight & achieve abundant health without restriction and constraint.

And you CAN feel INCREDIBLE in your body without having to suffer and deprive yourself.

This is the NEW ERA of HEALTH, VITALITY & achieving a gorgeous body….and I can show you how!!!


So, what does a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle mean?

Whole Food Plant Based (otherwise referred to as WFPB) lifestyle is when the majority of ones nutrition (+80%) comes from natural whole foods (not processed or manufactured) & these foods are all plant based. One also chooses to make conscious health choices for your body & your environment.

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But what is HCLF?

This stands for High Carb Low Fat, which is the natural state in which many (not all) plants provide nutrition in. Yes there are many sources of plants that contain a high protein &/or fat content BUT the MAJORITY of what is consumed is HCLF….simple examples are apples, bananas, sweet potatoes oats etc 🙂

I stick to a 60/20/20 split rule(carbs/protein/fats) as it has brought the best results….others believe it should be an 80/10/10 ratio…. but I adapt it to suit my clients needs & goals. 

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Does vegan mean all of the above?

Veganism is when someone stops eating & using ALL animal products for ethical reasons. This can go as far as the clothes they wear, beauty products they use & businesses they support. 

Being vegan does NOT necessarily mean healthy or environmentally conscious. Many Vegan products or animal free alternatives are often highly processed, chemically enhanced & use synthetic materials. These products, materials and processes are not healthy for our bodies or our planet. 

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I choose to combine ALL of the above to create a balanced, complete & healthy way of living without harm to your body or your environment.

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Turning 30 was a turning point. A good one. I kinda “got it” and have been working on her program (with consistency) for 2 years. I look great and feel even better. It is now a part of my life I love”

Diane Kocsis / Mother, business owner, farmer & yogi

“This has been the best 12 weeks of my entire life… I have proven to myself that I can achieve whatever it is that I put my heart and my mind to.. This program has taught me self discipline and self love.”

Tasneem Kirchner / World traveler, mother & wife to professional rugby player
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“So I am 6 weeks in……….I am 4 kg down (from 67 to 63) and a total of 41 cm. Thanks Jody! You are amazing! ”

Hanri Bezuidenhout / Teacher, runner devoted wife & mother of 2
how to overcome emotional eating

“You have taught me how to place health before appearance and by doing so, my natural inner beauty came shining through”

Jade Liddell / Fitness Enthusiast & Corporate Professional
JODY C, vegan diet, easy vegan recipes, healthy vegan recipes

“You inspire me every day. I love your philosophy & outlook on health & life! It makes so much sense…and it works!!! ”

Janine Smith / Mother, Wife, advanced hiker & nature lover
how to overcome emotional eating

“I competed in my first Bikini Competition as a vegan & never would have dreamed that I could achieve this body & health on plants. You changed my life Jody, thank you !!”

Julia Pia / Teacher, wife & fitness Enthusiast